DVD Library
DVD Resources are available for TBBA Churches at no cost. A refundable deposit of $100.00 (church check made out to TBBA) is required to borrow the kit. Check will not be cashed, and returned upon the return of the DVD kit.
Download/Print the complete list of available resources with desciptions. 


  1. A Heart Like His: Seeking the heart of God through a study of David
  2. A Woman's Heart: God's dwelling place
  3. Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed: A Study of David
  4. Believing God:  Experiencing a Fresh Explosion of Faith
  5. Beloved Disciple: Life and Ministry of John
  6. Breaking Free: The Journey, The Stories
  7. Children of the Day: 1 & 2 Thessalonians
  8. Come Thirsty Church Experience:  Receive what your soul longs for
  9. Courageous: Honor begins at home
  10. Covenant: God's Enduring Promises
  11. Creative Correction: Extraordinary ideas for Everyday Discipline
  12. Daniel: Lives of integrity, Words of prophecy
  13. David: Seeking a heart like His
  14. Deacons, partners in ministry and growth
  15. Deuteronomy: The law of love
  16. Discerning the Voice of God: How to recognize when God speaks
  17. Downpour: He will come to us like the rain
  18. EKG: The heartbeat of God
  19. Enjoy: A thirst-quenching look at Phillippians
  20. Esther: It's tough being a woman
  21. Experiencing God Revised
  22. Experiencing God: Knowing and doing the will of God
  23. Extraordinary Marriage: God's plan for your journey
  24. Faithful, Abundant, True: Three lives going deeper still
  25. Five Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter: The Bible...
  26. Five Conversations You Must Have With Your Son: The Bible study
  27. Five Love Languages: How to express hearfelt commitment...
  28. Fresh Encounter: Experiencing God's power for spiritual awakening
  29. Gideon: Your weakness. God's strength
  30. Gods at War Pastors Kit
  31. Gods at War Small Group Kit
  32. God's Story: Finding meaning for your life through knowing God
  33. Here and Now…There and Then: A lecture series on Revelation
  34. How Can I Know?  Answers to life's 7 most important questions
  35. James: Mercy Triumps
  36. Jesus The One and Only: 
  37. Jesus The One and Only: Babies-Kindergarten Teaching Pack
  38. Jonah: Navigating a life interrupted
  39. Kingdom Family
  40. Leadership Growth Series
  41. Leading Turnaround Churches
  42. Living By the Book: The art and science of reading the Bible
  43. Love and Respect: Marriage Conference
  44. Loved by God: Trusting his promises and experiencing his blessings
  45. Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours: How to bring out...
  46. Malachi: A Love that never lets go
  47. Me, Myself and Lies: A thought-closet makeover
  48. Men's Fraternity: Quest for authentic manhood
  49. Men's Fraternity: Quest for manhood: Winning at work and home
  50. Men's Fraternity: The great adventure
  51. Missional Renaissance: Changing the scorecard for the church
  52. Nehemiah: A heart that can break
  53. Not a Fan: Small group discipleship study for teens
  54. Power of a Praying Woman
  55. Seeking Him: Experiencing the joy of personal revival
  56. Seven Guides for Church Stewardship Leaders
  57. Share Jesus Without Fear
  58. Song of Solomon: A study of love, marriage, sex and romance
  59. Stepping Up: A journey through the Psalms of ascent
  60. Sunday School Done Right: A leadership training strategy...
  61. Teaching Children: Laying foundations for faith
  62. Teaching Preschoolers: First steps toward faith
  63. Teaching Youth: Leaders, lessons, and lifestyles
  64. To Live Is Christ: The life and ministry of Paul
  65. Vertically Inclined: Climbing higher with God
  66. Walking by Faith: Lessons learned in the dark
  67. Wild at Heart: A band of brothers: Discovering the secret....
  68. Breathe: Making Room for Sabbath
  69. Children of the Day:  1 & 2 Thessalonians



  1. Moore, Beth
  2. Moore, Beth
  3. Shirer, Priscilla; Arthur, Kay; Moore, Beth
  4. Moore, Beth
  5. Moore, Beth
  6. Moore, Beth
  7. Moore, Beth
  8. Lucado, Max
  9. Catt, Michael
  10. Arthur, Kay
  11. Whelchel, Lisa
  12. Moore, Beth
  13. Moore, Beth
  14. Henry, Jim
  15. Moore, Beth
  16. Shirer, Priscilla
  17. MacDonald, James
  18. Hemphill, Ken
  19. Moon, Tianne
  20. Moore, Beth
  21. Blackaby, Henry
  22. Blackaby, Henry
  23. Wilson, Rodney
  24. Arthur, Kay; Shirer, Priscilla; Moore, Beth
  25. Courtney, Vicki
  26. Courtney, Vicki
  27. Chapman, Gary
  28. Blackaby, Henry
  29. Shirer, Priscilla
  30. Idleman, Kyle
  31. Idleman, Kyle
  32. Lotz, Anne Graham
  33. Moore, Beth
  34. Jeffress, Robert
  35. Moore, Beth
  36. Moore, Beth
  37. Blackwell, Jodi
  38. Shirer, Priscilla
  39. Evans, Tony
  40. Maxwell, John
  41. Wood, Gene
  42. Hendricks, Howard
  43. Eggerichs, Emerson
  44. Higgs, Liz Curtis
  45. Leman, Kevin
  46. Harper, Lisa
  47. Rothschild, Jennifer
  48. Lewis, Robert
  49. Lewis, Robert
  50. Lewis, Robert
  51. McNeal, Reggie
  52. Minter, Kelly
  53. Idleman, Kyle
  54. Shirer, Priscilla
  55. Omartian, Stormie
  56. DeMoss, Nancy Leigh
  57. Florida Baptist Convention
  58. Fay, William
  59. Nelson, Tommy
  60. Moore, Beth
  61. Taylor, Alan
  62. Lifeway Christian Resources
  63. Sanders, Thomas and Bradberry, Mary Ann
  64. Barnes, Richard and Jackson Allen
  65. Moore, Beth
  66. Kassian, Mary
  67. Rothschild, Jennifer
  68. Eldredge, John
  69. Shirer, Priscilla
  70. Moore, Beth