The third pillar in our strategy as an Association is Multiply. Here, our aim is to assist pastors and churches to be intentional about making disciples and raising up leaders and sending them out.

We come alongside in this area in a number of ways through our partnership with the Florida Baptist Convention, helping churches figure out how they can identify, equip and send pastors and missionaries to plant the gospel and establish new churches.
Tampa Church Planting is the hub of our church planting efforts. It is overseen by our Director of Mission, Mike Kahn, and his Church Planting Catalyst, Robert Beckman. If you are interested in church planting in Tampa Bay, we want to invite you now to contact Robert (863) 660-1333,

Please visit our church planting Website at
Ministry Partnerships

We are all about connecting our pastors to opportunities for growth and the advancement of the Kingdom. From within our Southern Baptist Convention and beyond, we are privileged to have some amazing partnerships with some amazing partners:

Navigator Church Ministries |Q Place | Culture Link | Philly Church Planting | World Changers | Word of Life and More...
Contact Pastor Mike to learn more about how each of these relationships is strengthening our pastors.