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Conversing about Racial Reconciliation | June 3, 2020 | Zoom Meeting Archive
Click the image on the left to download the meeting notes (.pdf).
Joining the Conversation in Texas

At a time like this, it is definitely helpful to consider the conversations some of our sister state conventions are having regarding re-opening churches.

Download the Texas Baptist Convention's 4-page "Reopening Churches" document here
Joining the Conversation in Georgia

At a time like this, it is definitely helpful to consider the conversations some of our sister state conventions are having regarding re-opening churches.

Download the Georgia Baptist Convention's 10-page "Reopening Churches" document here 
Download and Edit these "Love Thy Neighbor" Cards

Looking for a way to mobilize your church family to bless your neighbors? How about leaving a card on their front porch?  Thanks to Dr. Jeffrey Haglund for sharing a couple of ideas here in Word format. Just download and edit the files and use them.  

Download Card Idea No. 1 | Download Card Idea No. 2 
Reopening Churches: 24 Great Questions

As we continue to look at "reopening churches" as the big topic right now, I want to keep you informed and connected to information that I run across. I hope you find this link to a post from Ken Braddy's blog helpful. Ken is the Director of Sunday School for LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville, TN, and this particular post has created a lot of comments and interest. Please let me know what you think.

Click here for the article
2nd Opportunity for Financial Aid for your Church

Some TBBA churches recently applied to receive a loan/grant from the government and they have already received the money. Some others applied but did not receive the loan. I want you to know that the President is expected to sign another stimulus bill for small businesses and churches as early as this Friday.  For those churches that applied a few weeks ago and did not receive a loan, I encourage them to call their bank as soon as possible to find out if they need to resubmit their application or do anything else.

- Mike
Reopening Church? A Conversation Guide from the Florida Baptist Convention

O.K. How is all this supposed to work? 

We've probably all had times where we had more questions than answers. Well brothers, this is definitely it. But, thanks to our faithful brothers and sisters at the Florida Baptist Convention and the Florida Baptist Conference of Associational Leaders we have a four-page "Conversation Guide" to help us begin thinking about all that reopening entails. 

Get the document now by clicking here.

How to LiveStream Your Sermon this Sunday

Did you miss the free quick-start webinar: “How to Livestream Your Sermon this Sunday”? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Click here to watch the archive of the Webinar
Clarifying Governor DeSantis' Executive Order

When Governor DeSantis issued his executive order back in early April, there was some confusion about whether churches in Florida were classified as "essential" and how that affected our ability to allow people into our church buildings. 

Click here for a detailed post on the convesation.
Set Up Online Giving with the Florida Baptist Financial Services

If your church does not have an online giving system, or if you just want to see how Florida Baptist Financial Services can help, please click the link below, check out the Website and reach out.

Click for the FBFS Online Giving Website